Visa/Passport costs

Costs for our Fast Track Visa /Passport Application Processing Service

Fast Track Visa / Passport Costs

AMS provides a unique service to those who have to quickly acquire a Visa or get a Passport renewed. Our objective is to take the headache out of the application process by advising on application form completion and getting the documentation processed and back to you as quickly as possible. We speed up the process by paying for application fees in cash on your behalf.

Costs for our Fast Track Visa /Passport Application Processing Service
Actual costs for this service vary and are dependant on:

  • Which embassy we are delivering to
  • Costs to and from London for the collection and return of the documentation
  • Any waiting time if we have to wait
  • The application fees themselves (which vary from Country to Country and are dependent upon which type of passport (temporary/permanent) or visa (length of stay) you are applying for.

To get an accurate quote, please call us with your Visa/Passport requirements and the date on which you need the Visa/passport returned, on 01635 278178

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