Specialist Fast Track Visa and Passport Application Processing Service

AMS provides a unique service to those who have to quickly acquire a Visa or get a Passport renewed. Our objective is to take the headache out of the application process by advising on application form completion and getting the documentation processed and back to you as quickly as possible.

We will:

• Collect the paperwork from you and check/advise on its completion to save time and money on having to resubmit if we detect an issue.
• Personally deliver the application to all Visa offices, including: India, China, Russia, Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Mozambique & Myanmar  Embassies and the Passport Office.
• Pay all Visa or Passport fees on your behalf.
• Wait with your application whilst it is checked and approved by the receiving clerks to ensure there are no administrative issues that might hold up the process
• Collect the validated document at an appointed time (usually 1 – 2 days later) and deliver it back to your office or to the applicant’s home address.
• Currently we can provide a Same Day turn around service  for Indian and Tanzanian Visas, if required.

We are confident we can better the turn around time provided by CIBT and other Visa agencies.

For a fast and Reliable Visa and Passport Courier Application Service – Call us now on 01635 278178