Applying for a job

We are always interested to talk to potential new drivers, particularly if you own your own vehicle and live in the Newbury or surrounding area. Call us on 01635 278178 or email your CV to

Before you call us, please read the Courier Code, below. We follow the Courier Code.

Courier Code of Good Practice

We expect our drivers to meet the standard of professionalism required:

  • Have an appropriate full driving licence.
  • Have a current excise licence for their vehicle.
  • Have an MOT Test Certificate, if necessary, for their vehicle.
  • Be properly insured for the purposes of the Road Traffic Act, including cover for the use of their vehicle for courier use and not just for travel to and from their place of work.

At all times  drivers must obey the Road Traffic Law. They must not:

  • Drive their vehicles in any way that puts themselves, other road users or pedestrians at risk.
  • Park their vehicle in any way that causes a danger to other road users or pedestrians.
  • Disobey the law which requires  all drivers to wear a seat belt in cars, vans and larger goods vehicles.
  • Operate their vehicles whilst under the influence of drink or drugs.
  • Use a hand held mobile phone when driving and will preferably have ‘hands free’ installed in their vehicle.

Thank you for your interest in becoming part of the AMS team.

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